The link between mental health and employee performance

Mental health has become an increasingly important issue in the workplace.

A growing body of research suggests that there is a strong link between mental health and employee performance. Poor mental health can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and lower job satisfaction, which can have significant consequences for both employees and employers.

According to a recent study by the American Institute of Stress, 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress, and 56% say that it has a negative impact on their productivity. Stress is a significant contributor to poor mental health and can lead to a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and burnout.

Another study by the World Health Organization found that depression and anxiety disorders alone cost the global economy more than $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. The study also found that for every $1 invested in scaling up treatment for depression and anxiety, there is a return of $4 in better health and ability to work.

Despite these staggering statistics, many companies have been slow to address mental health in the workplace. A recent survey by the National Business Group on Health found that while 92% of employers offer some form of mental health coverage, only 27% have a specific mental health strategy in place.

To address the impact of mental health on employee performance, companies need to prioritize mental health in the workplace. This includes providing access to mental health resources such as counseling services, employee assistance programs, and mental health education. HR platforms with mental health features can be a valuable tool for companies looking to prioritize mental health in the workplace.

One such platform is HealthboxHR, which offers a range of mental health resources to support employees in managing their mental health, including mental health assessments, stress management tools, and counseling services. By utilizing an HR platform with mental health features, companies can provide employees with the tools they need to manage their mental health and improve their overall performance.