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The coronavirus pandemic disrupted organisations on a global scale in 2020. This put tremendous pressure on HR teams around the world, of which, sat awkwardly between its outdated history as a simple support function and its future as a strategic partner.

While the nature and purpose of the HR function have been evolving for years, the demands of the pandemic dramatically accelerated this transition as leaders frantically worked to prioritise the wellbeing, productivity and engagement of their people through unprecedented times. In turn, this drove an immediate need for modern HR technology to fulfil the needs of organisations across the globe and we have been at the forefront of this transition.

Since 2020 our mission has been simple, to provide modern, comprehensive and easy to use HR solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

  • MARCH 2020

    Businesses close and people are ordered to work from home where possible due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The need for digital HR tools to combat the impact to businesses increases rapidly.

  • AUGUST 2020

    We roll out a digital back to work symptom questionnaire, allowing individuals to return to site as safely and securely as possible. The platform is rolled out across the UK, US and Canada with over 200,000 users accessing the tool.

  • DECEMBER 2020

    In response to the Vaccine rollout, our Vaccine Tracking feature is added allowing individual users the capacity to define their vaccination status. Alongside this, HR essential features such as Annual leave, Sick leave and Expenses are added to the tool with multilingual capabilities.

  • APRIL 2021

    Following a rise in testing, we build and deploy a Test Tracking feature to capture the date of, outcome and proof of each users test status. Alongside this, performance management features, ATS, Document management and Mental health solutions are added to the tool. Users surpass half a million which prompts the build and release of our comprehensive mobile app, the first of its kind full HR application.

  • APRIL 2022

    Our Rota Time & Attendance feature is added to the tool and our full suite of services are available. Total users worldwide surpass 1m with clients including the likes of Footlocker, Nestle & Kuehne + Nagel.

  • JUNE 2022

    In our pursuit to become the no.1 choice for HRIS and Payroll, we build and roll out our fully HMRC approved Payroll solution across the UK. This milestone, achieved in record time, symbolises the transformative stage in our journey, solidifying our position as the 'Evolution Of HR' by offering a unique and powerful all in one, full HRIS and Payroll solution.

  • MAY 2023

    Following the success of our Rota Time and Attendance module, we build and roll out our state-of-the-art, AI facial recognition scanners, further elevating the capabilities of the platform. Our client base grows further with leading organisations such as British Cycling, Chemring and Costa choosing HBHR.

  • Now

    Although we are immensely proud of how far we have come in a relatively short space of time, our mission doesn’t stop here. HR software trends and industry-wide developments are ever changing, most recently due to political, sociological and technological developments which continue to disrupt the way businesses operate. Our success has been to understand these shifts and to continually evolve not only the processes to combat this, but the technology to support it.

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