The era of the ‘great incorporation’ has arrived, with a record number of enterprises being formed in 2021

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According to recent research, a record number of Britons started their own business, with over 810,000 new businesses being registered in 2021.

According to a Go1 analysis on e-learning, this represents a new record increase of 21%. A third of Britons (32%), according to the statistics, have received training to start their own business, indicating that this is a trend that will continue to produce a new generation of entrepreneurs.

According to the study of 1000 UK residents, there has been a rise in general upskilling as well, with half of Brits taking extra measures to upskill in the hopes of changing careers.

This revealed that people between the ages of 25 and 44 were the most likely to attempt to expand their skill set. The researchers also discovered that one in every five professionals above the age of 55 is exploring a career shift.

People and communication skills (13%) are the most popular eLearning courses, followed by leadership (11%), indicating that interpersonal communication is one of the most important areas in which the country seeks to improve.

“Our study indicates that you’re never too old to learn, change occupations, or even start your own business,” said Chris Eigeland, CRO and co-founder of Go1.

“Seeing interpersonal and wellness skills at the top of the list of priorities for Britons is also very encouraging and demonstrates how far the discourse around supportive, inclusive, and empathic workplaces has progressed, which is something we are very enthusiastic about at Go1.”

Mental health and work/life balance remain hot topics among companies and employees throughout the UK, according to Go1’s survey, with 50% of Brits reporting improved mental health as a result of acquiring a new skill.

Soft skills are also in high demand, with 50% of students enrolling in courses on areas like people skills, listening skills, and empathy. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds (64%) wish soft skills were taught in schools, indicating a huge educational gap that is reflected in the workplace.

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