Preparing your business for possible winter restrictions

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In the UK, as well as vaccine boosters, there is a possibility of workers being encouraged to work from home again and the return of mandatory face coverings this winter. Other parts of the world are introducing vaccine passports and America has incurred 41.8 million cases with health officials warning against the easing of restrictions. There are also discussions of the US making vaccines mandatory as well as weekly tests in order to stop the spread.  

Trying to navigate this landscape can be difficult for businesses and their employees so it may be a good idea to start thinking and planning ahead for your business this winter. Employers may want to encourage their employees to get vaccinated or ensure they are getting regularly tested, and ensure that workers have the resources they need to work from home.  

Our platform is designed to make this process easier for your business while keeping your employees safe. Our ClearPass symptom tracker enables employers to send regular wellbeing questionnaires to their employees regarding Covid symptoms and our Vaccine and test tracker ensures that you have full visibility and control.  

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