OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate Rule Is Here

Biden and the New OSHA Vaccine Mandate

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OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate Rule Is Here


Today, November 4th, President Joe Biden’s administration unveiled the new OSHA vaccine mandate. Under the new requirements, companies with more than 100 employees must ensure that their workers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 4th, or produce a negative test each week.

With COVID-19 classified as an occupational hazard under these federal regulations,  failure to comply with the new emergency temporary standard (ETS) will see businesses face penalties of up to $14,000 per violation, and hospitals could lose Medicare and Medicaid funding.


So, What Are The OSHA Mandate Rules?

  • The new rule takes effect Jan. 4. By that day, employees must be fully vaccinated or face weekly testing. Anyone who tests positive must leave the workplace immediately.
  • Unvaccinated workers who choose to get tested weekly must wear masks on the job at all times.
  • The ETS will not apply to remote workers or people who work outdoors exclusively.
  • Part-time employees and temporary or seasonal workers (not employed through a staffing agency) will be counted as part of the 100-employee threshold.
  • Staffing agencies with 100 or more employees must comply with the new ETS.
  • Employers will be required to give workers paid time off to get vaccinated and to recover from any side effects, though they can put the cost of weekly testing onto employees.
  • Workers can apply for religious or medical exemptions.
  • Workplaces must begin offering time off for vaccination and start enforcing mask rules beginning Dec. 5.

How Can We Help?


We provide two main solutions which ensure you remain complaint.


Vaccination Tracker

Our Vaccination Tracker not only tracks and monitors symptomatic individuals, but also provides fool proof verification of an employee’s COVID-19 vaccination status, completely removing the need for paper documentation.

By creating a safe and secure digital wallet, individual users have the capacity to define their vaccination details as well as upload a snapshot of their official vaccination certificates. The platform also caters for those who are exempt for medical or religious reasons, as well as providing a vaccine booster option for those that aren’t, further future proofing your solution. This information can be accessed 24/7 using the HealthBoxHR app or on any web browser via all smart phones, laptops desktops or tablets.


Test Tracker 

Utilized worldwide to allow individuals to return and remain onsite safely, our digital test tracker completely removes the need for paper documentation, allowing individual users to upload their official test certificates directly to the correct personnel via a safe and secure digital wallet. Like all areas of the system, information can be accessed 24/7 using the HealthBoxHR app or any web browser.

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