Nike gives head office employees a week off for a mental health break

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Following a few other big companies, such as Bumble and LinkedIn, who gave their employees a paid week off in June this year, Nike have decided to do the same for their employees this week.  

It is no secret that the wellbeing of workers around the globe has needed some attention the past couple of years, and the word BURNOUT is becoming common conversation.  

Silicon Valley companies brought free snacks, ping pong and nap pods to the workplace back in June this year. With the dating app Bumble giving the entire workforce a week off to soothe their “collective burnout”. 

Ahead of the return to the office in September, staff at Nike’s corporate headquarters in Oregon have been given a week off to support their mental health, . The US firm had a “power down” to give employees a rest after a difficult year. 

Companies are becoming more aware of the importance of employee wellbeing after the tough time that can be universally appreciated after the last 18 months. Sometimes closing the office is the only way to force employees to take some well needed time off.  

Big US firms such as Apple, Uber and bank Wells Fargo have also delayed plans for staff to return to the office as infections surge across the US. 

Here at HealthBoxHR we provide future proof HR solutions, and we understand the importance of a healthy and happy workforce. Our platform offers a Mental Health tool where employees can check in their feelings as often as they need to on the platform and request a meeting and support if necessary. This gives HR managers a clear overview of how someone is feeling, if they are on their way to burning out and offering necessary support for their workers.

COVID-19 is still a worry for many businesses which is why we created ClearPass, a simple digital tool, that can be utilised worldwide to allow individuals to return to site as safely and securely as possible.

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