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Here at HealthBoxHR we really care about the safety of those going back to work, which is why we have developed the ClearPass symptom tracker, vaccination tracker and AI Thermal Scanners.

 As rush hour traffic begins to return to pre-pandemic levels and bosses call time on working from home, we want to ease re-entry anxiety and help you to safely manage employees and visitors on their return to the workplace. Some businesses are offering goodies like breakfast and lunches, live DJ’s and drinks to persuade staff back to their place of work! However, safety and security shouldn’t be a last thought. The pandemic has accelerated security risks and vulnerabilities that we have seen first-hand for many years. Some businesses have not implemented photo ID cards and use paper-based visitor management systems.  

Our ClearPass symptom tracker enables businesses to send emails to employees asking them to fill out a wellbeing questionnaire to make sure no one who is unwell is returning to the office. If you are tracking whether your employees have been vaccinated this can also be done easily via the HealthBoxHR app. Employees just upload their proof of vaccination and this is available to be viewed and approved. Our future-proof suite of services also includes a physical, AI enabled, fully automated and contactless thermal temperature scanner. Utilised globally by organisations of all shapes and sizes, this system is the only cloud-based model that is also HIPAA compliant with google services. 

Professionals also recommend that you welcome employee feedback to see how they feel about your safety and security measures or other benefits offered for returning to work.  

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