Hybrid Working & Maintaining Employee Wellbeing

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Adapting to hybrid working

The benefits of working from home that we can bring to the workplace...

As a result of long-term remote working, several businesses are exploring implementing hybrid working models, which would allow employees to work from home while also going to the office. The tools offered at HealthBoxHR make this transition simple, easy and controlled, making sure all staff feel comfortable returning to work.  

COVID-19 had both a beneficial and a negative impact on many employees’ work habits. Employees’ expectations about work may have changed drastically as a result of the pandemic’s disruption. As regulations relax, now is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your company’s experiences and consider which benefits you want to preserve. 

People had more time to plan and prepare healthier meals during lockdown as they didn’t have to commute every day. As employees return to the workplace, it would be beneficial to continue to promote healthier eating habits. 

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While working from home, some employees took on a more active lifestyle, but we also want to inspire more physical exercise during the office-based workday. Activities like walking work meetings could shake up stagnant work routines. Employees are less likely to procrastinate or feel lethargic during a brisk walk, which can make meetings more effective.  

Employees who don’t disconnect from work don’t get an opportunity to rest and recharge, which can lead to disengagement and a drop in productivity. As much as possible, keep to your company’s usual working hours. Fixed hours might be 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. every day but before or after that period, employees should be encouraged to refrain from engaging in work-related activities. 

Stress and anxiety continue to be at an all-time high due to the pandemic, therefore we have implemented our Mental Health tool on our platform. This allows employees to log how they are feeling throughout the week/month and request support if needed.  

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