ClearPass was designed and rolled out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a simple digital tool, that can be utilised worldwide to allow individuals to return to site as safely and securely as possible.

ClearPass acts as a digital symptom questionnaire which is completed by all users remotely ahead of them attending site, to confirm whether they are safe to do so. The questionnaire is fully multilingual and customizable and can be completed on the HealthBoxHR app or via any smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop.

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The organization is provided a full breakdown of all users who have passed, failed or have yet to complete their questionnaire for a particular day. Information can be reported on and filtered based on region, department or specific site locations, therefore acting as a contact tracing element.

We’ve ensured that ClearPass is also available for individual visitors from outside of your organisation. A simple self-registration and can be shared with these individuals in advance for them to register their details and complete a simple questionnaire. If they are walk in visitors, a unique QR code can be shared so that they can simply scan upon entry.

Dedicated 24/7 support

fully customizable solutions

cloud based management

FULLY Multilingual

In-depth HR Reporting

manage from the app

real-time view of data

future proof solutions

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Whether you wish to monitor your staff via the web portal, or integrate it to your entry door system, our ClearPass system has helped more than 1 million people return to their site as simply, safely and securely as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Set up is completed in a matter of minutes! As soon as we have the green light to proceed from your team, we will be able to build your platform and onboard all users.

Absolutely! You can filter by region and department which allows organisations to also highlight more vulnerable areas of the business. These can also be approved/managed by specific department heads.

 Absolutely not! Our ClearPass feature has been utilised by offices, sports teams, schools, warehouses, radio stations… the list is endless! We’ve ensured the tool is as flexible as possible for ease of use for all types of organizations.

Questionnaires are completely customizable and as the tool is fully multilingual. ClearPass can be regionally specific allowing for global organisations to adopt local guidelines for their return to work policies.

The beauty of the tool is you can select as many or as few modules as you like. We pride ourselves on being very flexible, allowing you to activate/de-activate modules as and when you wish.

That’s entirely up to you! The platform can be set up on a monthly rolling contract basis for as little or as long as you wish. Alternatively, you can sign up for an annual subscription which also comes with a discount.

Of course! As we offer services globally, we provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Absolutely not. You can sign up to your free trial quickly and easily here for up to 500 users and if you wish to add more just let us know and we will increase this for you. There’s no upper limit.

Both HealthBoxHR and HealthBoxHR Admin apps are for free for all employees!