Businesses are at risk of losing 71% of staff if they don’t evolve


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Firms throughout the UK face losing an astounding 71% of their workforce if they cannot provide the flexibility that employees have grown accustomed to over the last year. However, this is something that will affect businesses globally.  According to Work Happy research, 43% of employees say they are inclined to leave if they do not get what they want. 

We have adapted to a new way of working that has shown us a life of balance and more personal choice.  

Employees have woken up, and they are calling for change.

Many were happier working from home, and evidence suggests that if we don’t give them the option to select how they work in the future, they’ll leave. This is because geographic obstacles to employment have decreased in industries where roles can be performed remotely, considerably opening up access to the recruitment market. 

The fear of a change in lifestyle – including interruption to family life, the need to move house, or work away from home – has vanished, allowing even the most careful employees to put their talents on the market. 

The advantage for businesses is that they have access to a nearly limitless pool of talent, but only if they can develop a business plan that attracts the top talent. To summarise, in order to retain current employees or recruit new team members, a new model must provide individuals with options to match their requirements.  

The most important factors that have been identified for a successful hybrid working model are: 

  • Training and Development 
  • Wellbeing 
  • Managing productivity 
  • Offering recognition 


Here at HealthBoxHR we offer future proof HR solutions to guide you through the evolving business landscape. Our One-to-One and Training tool offers a way for employers and employees to regularly communicate. Performance and general motivation comes not only when everyone feels valued, but when they align to the organization’s objectives. Our Mental Health Management tool allows individuals to share their feelings with confidence and full control as to the outcome of their request.  Keeping the lines of communication open is the first step to assisting someone who is struggling mentally but with speaking up often so difficult, we’ve ensured the HealthBoxHR mental health feature is simple and discreet.  

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