Preparing your workforce for the impact of AI & Automation

AI & Automation are changing the workforce.

Should HR leaders see the increasing adoption of AI and automation technologies within the business as the single biggest threat to their workforce?

It’s very unlikely that those who predicted this technology would decimate the workforce will be proven right.

firms facing a digital skills shortage

According to a new study from The Open University, 69% of firms are having difficulty finding employees with adequate digital skills.

According to the study results, the majority of employers (77%) believe they have a digital skills gap in their organization and are struggling to hire new personnel with suitable digital abilities and upskill their present employees.

More than 1 in every 5 Britons suffers from mental health problems as a result of their financial position

In the UK, search phrases like ‘I can’t afford my bills’ (+400) and ‘I am always worried about money’ (+300 percent) have risen dramatically in the last 90 days. These figures illustrate that money has a significant influence on mental health across the country.

In reaction to these findings, Lowell, a credit management business, performed research into the financial difficulties that Britons are experiencing.

The era of the ‘great incorporation’ has arrived, with a record number of enterprises being formed in 2021

According to recent research, a record number of Britons started their own business, with over 810,000 new businesses being registered in 2021.

According to a Go1 analysis on e-learning, this represents a new record increase of 21%. A third of Britons (32%), according to the statistics, have received training to start their own business, indicating that this is a trend that will continue to produce a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Understanding employee learning styles

In order to build a high-performing team, learning and development are essential. Everyone processes information differently, and learning is no exception. Because no two people are alike, it’s critical to recognize the different employee learning styles on your team. Your staff will be more engaged with the new knowledge at hand if you personalize the delivery of content to different learning styles, resulting in a more productive learning session.

Why it is beneficial to hire a returning employee

The Great Resignation has brought new positions, possibilities, and career shifts to many people. Some even have named it the Great Reset.

As predicted and named in 2020 by Anthony Klotz, the great resignation is the result of poor working conditions, toxic workplaces, job insecurity, a lack of career advancement prospects, and a rethinking of personal and professional goals.