Preparing your business for possible winter restrictions

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In the UK, as well as vaccine boosters, there is a possibility of workers being encouraged to work from home again and the return of mandatory face coverings this winter. Other parts of the world are introducing vaccine passports and America has incurred 41.8 million cases with health officials warning against the easing of restrictions. […]

Making The Great Return to Work Safe & Secure

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Here at HealthBoxHR we really care about the safety of those going back to work, which is why we have developed the ClearPass symptom tracker, vaccination tracker and AI Thermal Scanners.

Improving Healthcare with Technology

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Technology is changing healthcare Like many sectors, the pandemic has caused fast-paced changes within the healthcare industry.  Technology is making it possible for people to get care remotely and making it easier for healthcare workers to manage patient care.  Effective online meeting software and the ability to store records electronically has made it possible for doctors to […]

Work-life balance ranked higher post pandemic

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The work-life balance of Brits has risen during the pandemic to hit an average rating of 7.2 out of 10. Over 2,000 households across the country were surveyed to learn how the pandemic has affected their work-life balance. The results showed that the average rating for work-life balance improved by 0.4 when compared to before […]

90% of office workers want more flexibility

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90% of office workers want more flexibility in their job… With half of those willing to leave their job if they’re not offered this! The pandemic has exposed many workers to what life is like working from home and the flexibility that this offers, and they don’t want to lose it. On average employees expect […]

Absence Management COVID-19

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Absence management technology can help businesses to stay on top of sick leave, cut the cost of absences, and manage workforce shortages during this hectic time.