1 in 5 Are Not Ready to Return to the Office

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A new study reveals that ongoing Covid-19 uncertainty and pressure to get back to normal are causing high stress levels for many with 92% of UK GPs reporting an increase in patients seeking help for work-related stress.

Furthermore, 68% of GPs polled agree that the number of patients seeking help has increased in the last three months compared to the start of the pandemic, and 80% are bracing for an increase, implying that the worst is yet to come if action is not taken. 

Recent research has found that 73% of us feel stressed at work, with the bulk of us feeling that pressure for up to 30 minutes of each day. Whilst a certain amount of stress is good for us, too much can begin to impact our mental and physical wellbeing.     

Employers are being asked to take on more responsibility in supporting their employees during this crisis, as these experiences have a significant impact on workers’ lives. Perkbox also polled over 2,000 full-time employees in the UK, with one in two agreeing that work-related stress has disrupted their sleep (54 percent) and diet (51 percent). The mental wellbeing of employees should be a strategic issue for all employers. 

For GPs, important pathways to improvement include:  

  • Offering flexible working hours (42%) 
  • Providing manager training on supporting mental wellbeing (37%) 
  • The provision of wellbeing tools and information (30%) 
Acting on this will not only improve the working environment for employees, but there will also be tangible benefits for businesses.

On average, GPs report that nearly two-fifths (39%) of patients seeking work-related stress and anxiety support are signed off work, which represents a significant loss in productivity hours or end-customer satisfaction for many businesses. 

Keeping the lines of communication open is the first step to assisting someone who is struggling mentally but with speaking up often so difficult, we’ve ensured the HealthBoxHR Mental Health Management feature is simple and discreet.  The feature allows individuals to share their feelings with confidence and full control as to the outcome of their request via the app, or on any web browser via all smart phones, laptops, desktops or tablets.  

The new MyChatBox feature organizations are better able to improve communication with 71% of employees relying on instant messaging applications in the workplace as a key element to a productive and successful team. 

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